The M-2000 is a hand operated machine ideal for small to medium sized jobs  You can use the M-2000 to print on paper and stationary products, ribbon, pencils,  napkins, greeting cards, portfolios, leather goods, wood products, Mylar balloons, plastic and more. 7 1/2" throat depth: will print to the center of a 15" book. Full 5"print width: every line can be up to 5". Digital Heat Controller: holds temp. at + or - 1 degree. Warm up time under 5 minutes. Larger print area due to larger rambar. Capable of printing a full 4" X 5" area. Superior foil feed: adjust from 0-7.0" feed per stroke. Convenient foil loading. Easy disposal of used foil through rear of the machine. User friendly accessories: all machined to aerospace tolerances. Easy upgrade of manual to air machine. All 100% made in the U.S.A. Fully warranted for 3 years (Extended warranty available).
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